Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular over the years. They are fast, efficient, and very eco friendly. Not only are they great modes of transportation, but they are also guaranteed to give you a great workout as a standard bicycle.

Electric bikes are usually way more expensive than a normal bicycle as they are equipped with more components like a battery, a motor, and additional wires. But they are also designed to give you a great and effortless time when biking, which begs the question, what are the things I have to keep in mind when pursuing an electric bike rental business?

In starting an electric bike rental company, you must first ensure the e bike main upfront costs, the other upfront costs such as the license, liability insurance coverage, your website, advertising costs, and lawyers. If done correctly, you might be able to rack in $10 an hour.

In this article, we will tackle how to start a bike rental company, why they are essential, the things to keep in mind, the potential profits, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

How To Start A Bike Rental Company

Some clever businessmen use Ebikes to their advantage in setting up their rented services, which you can also do. With the ever-growing consciousness of being environmentally friendly, many more people are opting to use e bikes to explore tourist sites than cars and diesel-powered vehicles.

Also, electric bikes are more useful for most people as they are more reliable and faster when climbing up hills when compared to normal bicycles. They are also great on paved terrain as they can be used on bike paths, enabling you to tour the city safely.

While this may sound enticing to start your own bike rental company, here are some things you must keep in mind.

Main upfront costs

To start your own electric bicycle rental party, you must first purchase multiple e-bikes, which can cost anywhere between $1000 and $5000 for high-end e bikes. Compared to car rental companies, starting an electric bike rental requires significantly less when it comes to capital.

You don’t need to purchase 100 e bikes when starting, as you can increase the number once your shop becomes more successful and profitable.

Diverse up-front costs

Apart from acquiring an e-bike fleet, starting up your own business requires some upfront expenses.


To start your business, you must get all the legalities in check by acquiring a business license. Getting a business license depends on your location, as you might be able to get them at your local city hall or county house. Some even allow you to get a business license online. Still, depending on your location, the price can range anywhere between $100 to $300.

Other than this, you also need to get liability insurance as not only will this protect your bike rental company if something unfortunate happens, but it will also protect your customers.

Getting incorporated is optional but is something most established bike rental company does. This means that they will further protect your personal assets and own savings. You can get this done by a professional for a small fee of $100-$400.


Having a website is essential to any company these days. An online presence will allow you to reach even more customers worldwide. It’s also great to put a contact number on your website to enable customers to call you for reservations.

Marketing Your Bike Rental Company

To boost more traction on your website, it’s crucial to have a solid marketing plan. The cost of advertising your business highly depends on how much traction you want; this can be done in several different ways, whether it may be purchasing online ads on social media platforms or creating SEO-optimized blog posts.

Here are some different proven ways to promote your electric bike rental business.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is perhaps the best way to efficiently and effectively market your business to a broader audience. You can build banner ads and pay blog site owners to plug your ad in their next blog posts to drive traffic to your website.

Social media

Social media can genuinely spread a message quickly without the need for additional costs. Almost everyone has either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok; post content on any of these social media websites, or hire some virtual assistant to manage your content online, and you will see traffic on your website.

Local Marketing

It’s most likely that the first ride taken by your electric bike will be someone from your local area, so be sure to market your business well in your area, as the first few good impressions from someone near your location will be a big boost you need to start your business.

You can do this by putting up billboards or posting ads in your local newspaper.

Get involved in your local communities.

Getting involved in your local community will have a massive impact on the success of your business. If people near your area can’t recommend your electric bike rentals, it’s most likely that tourists can recommend them as well.

Try to talk with your neighbors and attend local business conversations to drive traffic to your bike rental company.


Other electric bike rental companies allow their users to know everything from the bike’s rental fee to the bike’s specification, like its battery life, by using an app like the Lime app, which was formerly known as LimeBike, which runs vehicles with two wheels such as electric scooters to your normal pedal bicycle.

Suppose you decide to create an application software for your electric bike rental company. In that case, you should also have enough funds to manage your software to help you run and organize your business efficiently.

Actual e bike shop

Besides the costs stated above, you should also have enough capital left to set up a good area where you can station your business. Make sure to have ample room to store your e bikes in, and always leave space for parking for your customers.

Also, you must have the adequate tools and equipment to fix your electric bike if they get damaged, and lastly, you also need capital to hire high-quality staff as they will be the one to converse with your customers.

Potential Profits of Bike Rental Company

The potential profits you can earn from your electric bike rental company will entirely depend on how much your rental fee is. Across the United States, the standard per hour rate rental for an e bike is $10; this means that if your electric bike costs $1500, it will only take 150 hours or 19 days (if you are running your shop 8 hours a day) to breakeven and start receiving purely profits from your electric bike rental shop.

Of course, you have to earn more money to cover the costs of your advertising, software, shop rental, and other diverse expenses in running your business, but it’s almost guaranteed that if you choose a great spot with lots of tourists, and run your website effectively, you can turn profits in less than 30 days.

Things to keep in mind

Electric bicycles have a few extra components.

While electric bikes look similar to bikes on a traditional basis, they include several additional components, mainly the motor, battery, and added wirings. In addition, you might also see an LCD console that allows you to track your bicycle speed, battery life, and many more. Some ebikes even have a GPS.

An electric bike is easy to ride.

Riding an electric bike is relatively easy if you already know how to ride traditional bikes. They are easy to balance and maneuver, and they will provide you with a fun adventure on off road trails and paved terrains with the added speed boost given by the motor.

Before allowing any customer to rent an electric bike, it’s always best to know what terrain they will be riding on. Some are better designed to handle specific terrain, whether mountainous trails or if they want to have a fun trip across tourist attractions, as there are different electric bike types.

An electric bike is much heavier than a standard bike.

Because of the added motor and batteries, e bikes are much heavier than standard bikes. Always remind your customers about this as they might expect e bikes to weigh precisely like a regular bike.

You can still get plenty of exercise on an Electric Bike.

While others might think that you won’t also get good exercise when you want to take a good adventure trip across town using e bikes, they are actually an excellent way to stay physically fit as keeping the motor running still takes work, especially on pedal assist e bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-bikes allowed in Glacier National Park?

No, e-bikes are not allowed in Glacier national park. However, traditional bikes are allowed there and in Yellowstone and Grant Teton.

How far can an electric bike go without pedaling?

The distance an electric bike can go depends on the bike's battery capacity and the motor's efficiency, but you can expect that most e bikes can go up to 20-50 miles after a full charge.


E bikes are indeed a great way to have a great riding adventure on off road trails or just riding on paved terrains across local attractions, so if you are planning to start a bike rental company and want to be as successful as other established bike rentals, be sure to keep in mind the tips listed in this informative article.

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