Electric bikes are sought out by many riders because of their versatility and compact form factor. With an electric bike, you can easily ride through the city without worrying about traffic or the environment. On top of that, they are great for exercise since there’s always a pedal-assist mode that will get you involved while also conserving battery.

Unfortunately, most e-bikes are designed for the casual user who wants to get to work on time or hang out with friends and family; hence, the top speed of these E-bikes is limited to 20mph or so. However, there are some E-bikes designed for power users who need higher top speeds over mileage and extra weight capacity.

So that’s what I’m going to talk about in this article. Here, I’ve listed eight of the fastest electric bikes on the market, and I’ve detailed their specs and talked about how they would serve a fast rider.

Let’s get into it.

Quick Fastest Electric Bikes Recommendations

Award Photo Model Price
Fastest Electric Bike Overall HPC REVOLUTION X Check Price
Fastest Electric Trike Outrider USA TRANSITION Check Price
Fastest Electric Bike for Offroading Bakcou Flatlander Check Price
Fastest Electric Bike for Commuting Rad 6 Plus Electric Check Price
Fastest electric bike for Competitive Cyclists Trek Domane+ LT 9 Check Price
Fastest Electric Bike With Mid-Range Specs Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger Check Price
Fastest Electric Bike for Hauling Cargo Kasen CITY EBIKE Check Price
Fastest Electric Bike with the Highest Range VanMoof S3 Check Price

Fastest Electric Bikes Reviews

Like the name, it's got higher power, and it's revolutionary. So if you can afford this, make sure you stick within the street-legal speed limits because this E-bike will try to tempt you to the fast side.

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  • Top Speed: 60+ mph (S motor)
  • Motor: Gearless DC direct drive
  • Battery: 1290Wh (Standard option)
  • Range: 55 miles (standard)
  • Standover Height: Unspecified

The High-Power Cycles Revolution X comes in one size that fits most riders. Other than that, you can pick between the X6 (6000W) or X7 (7000W).

This E-bike is designed to tackle any kind of terrain thanks to its high-quality Rockshox Boxer front fork (with 203mm of travel) along with its Rockshox Vivid R2C Airshock rear wheel suspension. Also, this E-bike is fully off-road capable since it uses the Kenda Nevegal 26″x2.7″ fat tires.

The motor is where most of the magic happens. This bad boy uses a Gearless DC Direct Drive, which eats up a ton of watts but can achieve higher torque or maximum speed. depending on the Revolution (T) or (S) option. (Torque versus Speed.)

There are three options for the battery: 1300Wh (standard), 1800Wh, and 2400Wh. All three are solid options that offer a range of up to 55miles-100miles.

What We Like
Motorbike-level speeds
Good range (even for the standard version)
Off-road capable
Know Before Buying
Highly expensive
The Direct-Drive Motors are heavier and harder to pedal when it's powered down
No fenders, racks, or lights included in the package
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With the Outrider Transition, you can power through city roads with ease, and you don't have to worry about falling from this electric trike either.

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  • Top Speed: 40 mph (max option)
  • Motor: 4000W mid-drive (max)
  • Battery: 2288Wh (max)
  • Range: 100 miles (max)
  • Standover Height: Unspecified

Even though this trike may not look like a lean mean machine, it can reach speeds of up to 40mph, and you can be cruising around like Christian Bale’s Batman on his “batcycle”. (Except this time, you will be leaning backward instead of forward.)

Outrider makes some of the best off-road capable electric trikes. They are built to accommodate anyone, even riders with different physical limitations. Because of this, the Outrider Transition (their entry-level trike) comes in a one size fits all option with an easily adjustable pedal system that will fit most riders, short or tall.

This E-bike is a capable machine that can be customized with three different motor options. For city slickers, there is the 1000W hub drive with a 25mph speed limit, and for outdoor enthusiasts who want to brave rougher terrain, there is the option to choose between a 2000W or 4000W mid-drive motor. (Both have 40mph speeds.) I recommend going with the Mid-drives since they have better torque and won’t burn out so easily.

The battery options are the standard 1144Wh versus the 2288Wh. Both are decent options, and you can get around 50 miles of range from the 1144Wh battery.

What We Like
Comfortable riding experience thanks to the tricycle design
Exceptional 40mph speed compared to a typical electric bike
1144Wh battery with almost 50+ miles of range with assisted pedaling power
Know Before Buying
Moderately expensive
Such a High-speed E-bike might not be street legal in some states
No foldable bike options available
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If you are looking for an all-terrain E-bike that's comfortable and capable, the Backout Flatlander is an ideal candidate. (Provided you can forgive the hub-drive motor.)

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  • Top Speed: 25+ mph
  • Motor: 750W Rear Hub Drive
  • Battery: 48V/17.5Ah (standard, 840Wh)
  • Range: Unspecified
  • Recommended Height: 5’8″ and above

Backou makes some of the best off-road E-bikes and the Flatlander is a decent mid-range option. This offroading E-bike comes in a single size option and is meant for cyclists who are taller than 5’8″. It’s got a 6061 Aluminum frame with a size of 18″.

It is a very capable E-bike that’s comfortable and can support a lot of weight. The front suspension is BCEB GT MRK Air Fork with 100mm of travel and the tires are Maxxis Minion 26″x4″; hence, this E-bike can easily support 300lbs of weight, including the rider and whatever they want to carry.

The motor is a Bafang 750W rear hub-drive motor, and this is the only problem I have with this E-bike. It would have been a lot better if they could have gone with the Mid-drive alternative with the same wattage and manufacturer. (Even if the hub drive is more affordable.)

Nonetheless, the rear hub drive does a decent job and it can run at a slightly higher speed of 25mph. (Just under the legal limit speed of 28 mph.) The 48V 14.5Ah battery (with the option to upgrade to 21Ah) is kind of okay since you can get 40+ miles of range out of it under the right conditions.

What We Like
Integrated Lights, fenders, and racks already included in the electric bike
Speed pedelecs with 25mph maximum speed
The shock-absorbing suspension seat post is great for extra stability
Know Before Buying
The Rear Hub-Drive motor has low torque
Relatively expensive
No size option for shorter cyclists (below 5'8")
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The Radrover 6 is the best electric bike for anyone working in the city. It is a decent class 3 alternative with its 20mph motor power. It's a great option for commuters or anybody who's adventuring in the city.

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  • Top Speed: 20mph
  • Motor: Geared Hub Motor
  • Battery: 589Wh-672Wh
  • Range: Approx 25-55 miles
  • Standover Height: 25″ (Step through variant)

The Rad Rover 6 is designed for almost anybody, short or tall. There is a high-step electric bike for cyclists with an inseam of over 30.5″. Apart from that, there’s a step-through variant that allows anybody with a 22.5″ inseam (or higher) to ride comfortably.

The Radrover 6 comes with hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors on the front and rear. On top of that, this fast E-bike has a 7-speed gear system, RST Spring fork front suspension with 60mm of travel, and Kenda Juggernaut 26″x4″ all-terrain ready fat tires (which is why this is also a great hunting ebike) complete with K-shield puncture-resistant liner. Allowing you to ride this fast electric bike almost anywhere.

The motor is not ground-breaking, especially since it’s a 750W geared hub electric motor. Because of the lack of torque sensors, the motor assistance functions such as pedal-assist will not be as smooth or intuitive. That said, hub motors are used in most electric bikes, and they will not disappoint as long as you don’t push them too hard.

The battery capacity ranges from 589-672Wh with a corresponding approximate range of 25-45miles. It’s a decent figure that will serve you well, especially in an urban setting with good roads.

What We Like
Decent mileage of at least 25miles
Fenders, lights, and tire liners are already included
Know Before Buying
Uses a hub-motor
Doesn't have the best top speeds
Not great for off-roading
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The Trek Domain+ LT 9 is designed for professionals. It's got the best build quality, most efficient shock-absorbing technologies, and a highly efficient electric motor drive system.

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  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Motor: Fazua Evation 50 (Mid-mounted 250W)
  • Battery: 252Wh
  • Range: 150 miles (pedal-assisted)
  • Standover Height: Various sizes available for 5’2″-6’5″

The frame of the Domane+ LT 9 is designed to cater to seven different size tiers. These electric bikes range from 50 to 62 (in frame size) and support cyclists with heights ranging from 5’2.2″ to 6’4.8″. (With 2″ increments in recommended height.)

As I said before, this is a professional road bicycle and the most aerodynamic and lightest electric bike on our list. Its frame is built out of patented OCLV carbon fiber material, has an adjustable top-tube with Isospeed technology (frame integrated shock-absorbing), and includes powerful hydraulic brakes, the Shimano MT900 with 160mm rotors.

On top of these top-of-the-line components, these E-bike models utilize a Fazua Evation Ride 50 drive system that includes a 252Wh battery pack, 250W motor (see also how fast 250w ebike go) a drivetrain that can produce 55Nm (40ft-lbs) of torque, and its own compact remote. (With three different remotes including a twist-throttle designed controller.)

What We Like
IsoSpeed frame dampening technology
150+ miles of pedal-assist range
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with amazing stopping power
Know Before Buying
Ridiculously expensive, definitely not for the average commuter
The mid-drive motor used in these electric bikes has lower torque
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If you want to experience what it's like to ride an authentic premium electric bike without spending upwards of ten thousand dollars, you can always go for the Trek Allant+ 8S stagger.

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  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Motor: 250W Bosch Performance Speed
  • Battery: Bosch Powertube 625Wh
  • Range: Approx 25+ miles
  • Standover Height: 27.9″ (medium size)

The Trek Allant is only half the cost of premium E-bikes, but you still get a high-efficiency drive system with a street-legal speed of 28 mph on a nice clean pedal electric cycle.

This ebike comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Here, the recommended height ranges are separated in increments of four inches such that the small size supports a rider who is 5’1″-5’5″, while the medium size is built for anybody who is 5’5″-5’9″.

The frame is a hydroformed alloy that is sturdy enough to handle somewhat rougher on-road terrain. It’s got a hollowed-out down tube where the battery can be secured inside without affecting the center of gravity.

This bike uses a Bosh Performance Speed motor that has a class 3 speed limit of 28 mph on a 250W max power draw. Attached to this drive system is the Bosch Powertube 625, which allows the bike to run at high speeds for longer distances ranging anywhere between 25-50miles on a single charge.

What We Like
Lightweight (56.4lbs) and premium frame
Bosh 28mph drive system
Support for an additional 500Wh battery pack
Know Before Buying
Still, a moderately expensive class 3 bike
Rigid front fork suspension
Low torque generation on the Bosch Performance Speed drive system
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The Kasen City might use a geared hub-drive motor. Nonetheless, it is a heavy-duty beast that can support a payload of 275lbs at a maximum speed of 24mph.

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  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Motor: Rear hub-drive, 500W
  • Battery: 48V/14Ah (672Wh)
  • Range: 55 miles
  • Standover Height: Unspecified (Includes a step-through model)

The Kasen City E-bike is more than enough to do some grocery shopping or deliver groceries to other people in the city as fast as possible (AFAP).

This ebike weighs 63 lbs and only comes in one size option. However, it has a step-through crossbar that is designed to accommodate the average bicycle rider (5’6″-6’4″).

This has Tektro mechanical disc brakes, a ZOOM hydraulic front fork, a Shimano Tourney 7-speed gear system, and 27.5″x2.4″ CTS tires. These are decent components, and they are well-matched to an E-bike in this price range.

However, to keep the prices down, they’ve utilized a rear hub drive instead of a mid-drive. The 500W continuous hub drive is no slouch, but it isn’t the best for pulling a lot of weight, especially over steep hills and rocky terrain.

The 48V 14Ah battery is also an “okay” battery capacity where you can get around 55 miles of range on a single charge. Fortunately, you will be able to get more than that if you stick to the city and help the drive system every once in a while by pedaling.

What We Like
Budget-friendly price
Front and rear storage racks built-in
The step-through model is more accessible for shorter riders
Know Before Buying
Uses a geared hub-motor
The tires and the front fork cannot handle rough terrain very well
Takes 4-6 hours to fully recharge
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If you're looking for a heavy-duty urban bike with lots of range and smart features, the Vanmoof S3 might be for you.

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  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Motor: 350W Front-wheel hub drive
  • Battery: 504Wh
  • Range: 37-93 miles
  • Recommended Height: 5’6″-6’8″

The Vanmoof S3 is a little pricier than most budget options, but considering its high-tech components, efficient battery systems, and efficient hub motor, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

It has a unique frame with a crossbar that runs straight through the handlebars to the seat post. Nonetheless, the Vanmoof S3 is designed to accommodate most riders, as long as they are 5’8″ or taller. (With a limit of 6’8″, of course.)

This E-bike includes multiple smart features you won’t find on many other “traditional” E-bikes. These include a theft defense system, a tracking option, and even a digital dashboard that logs your rides using an App. For bicycles in an urban setting, these security features are almost essential.

In terms of the motor, it’s got a decent front-wheel hub drive that can achieve 20mph on full-throttle. Nonetheless, you can drive the bike even faster via pedal assist.

Apart from the smart features, the battery is the main attraction. On the base model, you have a 504Wh battery hidden inside the horizontal crossbar. With this, you can get around 37-93 miles on a full charge, and there’s the option to add in a neat-looking power bank (see also mobile ebike charging guide) for an additional 65 miles of range.

What We Like
Good value for the price
Lightweight and unique-looking frame
Smart tracking and theft defense systems are built into the bike itself
Know Before Buying
Designed strictly for urban terrain
Hub motor with only 59Nm of torque
Takes four hours to fully recharge (504Wh option)
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Fastest Electric Bikes Buying Guide

Top Speed: If you need a fast electric bike, the top speed is what you need to consider first. Conventional E-bike motors can barely reach speeds of up to 20mph (on their own), so make sure that whichever E-bike you choose to purchase supports a speed limit that’s equal to or higher than 20mph. Also, don’t forget to check state laws regarding fast electric bikes. (You might need to obtain liability insurance, and check for class 3 E-bikes.)

Motor: Most affordable E-bikes tend to have geared motors. These may include hub drives and mid-drive motors. These geared motors are lighter, have more torque, and are more compact. On the other hand, there are the gearless motors, which are best for high-speed electric bikes. However, they don’t have much torque, they have less range, and can be difficult to pedal when the motor is de-energized.

Battery: The battery is what provides power to the motors, and if you have a smaller battery you will run out of juice faster than you can say, Jack Robinson. Battery capacity options vary with the E-bike and its power requirements. However, if you are going for a powerful motor (such as 750W/1000W), a great rule of thumb is to make sure the battery has more than 672Wh of capacity. (48V/14Ah battery.)

Range: Most E-bike manufacturers and brands do not like to advertise a concrete range because the actual range depends on a lot of factors. Regardless, the more you use the motor to drive the wheels, instead of pedal assist, the more battery it is going to consume. Make sure your E-bike has a minimum range of 20 miles on full throttle. Otherwise, you won’t get very far, even if you do most of the pedaling.

Standover Height/Recommend Height: The size of the bicycle is important, especially if you don’t fall within the average rider height of 5’6″-6’4″. So when looking up an E-bike online, don’t forget to check the standover height or recommended height of the E-bike. The standover height (or the height of the crossbar) should always be higher than your inseam i.e., the length from ankles to the lower part of the groin. If you have a shorter inseam you will have trouble getting on to the bike since the seat and crossbar will be too high off the ground.


Fastest Electric Bike for Offroading

So there you have it folks, ten of the fastest electric bikes on the market right now. As you can tell by now, not all of them are designed to cruise around at 60mph. Some compromises have to be made so that these E-bikes are affordable, efficient, and safe to use.

That being said, these electric bikes are generally faster than the usual and they will definitely help you get to where you need to be as long as you contribute a little as well.

When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.