Electric bikes are a great way to travel on different terrain, whether it may be a fun adventure to the hills or a simple tour around tourist attractions. Additionally, electrical bikes also provide you with a great workout, are eco friendly, and will be guaranteed an amazing time by allowing you to cruise through beautiful sceneries.

While you can easily carry around your electric bicycle if you already have one by purchasing an ebike rack and putting it on top of your car, taking them can be quite a hassle. So are there e bike companies that allow you to rent an electric bike?

Many rental companies already exist that allow you to rent an electric bike in tourist spots. To use an electric bike, download a bike rental company’s app and select the bike you want to rent and for how long. The cost of renting an e bike depends on how long you will use it; most electric bike rentals charge users $10 an hour.

In this article, we will tackle the entire electric bike rentals guide. Let’s get right into it.

Why is electric bike rental important?

Using electric bikes to tour different locations allows you to appreciate different sceneries’ beauty anytime you want. You get to spend all the time you want without worrying about your gas running out.

Adding to this, you also get to skip the hassle of traffic jams as an electric bike can go on bike paths. Parking is also not an issue, as finding places to park your electric bike is relatively easy, and you won’t even need to pay for it.

Also, an electric bike is environmentally friendly; you can get tons of exercise while riding one, it will allow you to take on different terrains, e bikes will enable you to get the feeling of fresh air, and you can also travel a long distance when using one.

Lastly, electric bike rentals are also far cheaper than other diesel-powered vehicle like a motor while two wheels or a car.

How much does it cost to use an electric bike?

The cost of renting an electric bike depends significantly on where the bike shop is located. However, electric bike rentals can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour in the United States.

Other factors that directly influence the cost of renting an electric bike are the regional cost per unit of electricity, the type and version of the e bike you want to rent, the terrain, the time of year, and whether the rental party you are opting for has a membership package or not for discount purposes.

Group of friends ride along the field in electrical bicycles

E bike rental fee


If you are planning to use an electric bike for just a few hours to go on a fun adventure at local tourist spots or explore a beautiful off-road terrain with beautiful sceneries, then opting to rent an electric bike per hour might be the best option.

The electric bike rental fee near a famous tourist sight might cost more than the average $10-$20 an hour. On the contrary, you can also rent an e bike for far less in less famous places like the provinces.

Full day

If you think riding e bikes for a few hours is too short of having an amazing time with your friends touring attractions, then you can also opt for a full-day electric bike rentals. To use an e-bike for a whole day, expect to pay at least $80.


Most electric bike rental companies allow you to access their services for considerably less the longer you use an electrical bike. If you plan to use an e-bike vehicle for an entire week, you can expect to pay $200-$300.

On the other hand, if you would compute renting an electrical bike per hour, it could run up to at least $600.


Though not a popular feature for some electric bike rental near tourist spots, some companies allow customers to rent their e bike vehicles monthly. The monthly electric bike rental fee still depends heavily on the location, but the average cost is $400, which is $800 less if you are computing on a per-week basis calculation.

Additional costs

Some additional costs for an electric bike rental company are when you opt to use additional accessories on their bike, such as a GPS. A GPS on an ebike will allow you to safely take your first ride in a completely new and remote environment. However, you can use your smartphone as most devices are already installed with a navigation device.

Different electrical bike renting companies

Lime app

Lime (formerly LimeBike) is a US transportation company with an office in San Francisco. In different cities all over the globe, the company offers electric bicycles and electric motorbike services.

To use their e bikes, scan the QR code on their bikes with your smartphone, and once you are finished your ride, park the bike back at their shop. As of 2021, Lime has over 50 locations across 27 states.


Uber is a top-rated American company that encompasses anywhere from ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, freight transportation, and, recently, renting electrical bikes. To ride their e bikes, scan the QR code on them and provide your payment information.

Once you are done with your biking adventure, park the bike, and the payment will be immediately withdrawn from the payment information you provided.

Trek bikes

Trek Bicycle Corporation operates and sells bicycle products under the brand’s Trek Electric Bicycle Company, Bontrager, and Diamant Bicycle Products. In addition, it produced bikes under the Gary Fisher, Lemond Racing Cycles, Klein, and VILLIGERS brands.

To purchase their service, go to their official website, Trekbikes.com, and contact the nearest retail location in your area. The store will provide everything you need to take a trip on off-road trails or paved terrain in local attractions.


Pedego is the most successful electric bike brand in America and the world. Pedego is a name synonymous with quality service and quality as they have various types of high-tech electric scooters that will surely suit your biking needs for multiple trails.

The company is expanding into 125 local store chains in the U.S. Pedego bikes are excellent ways to explore. The terrain covers a great deal of ground but also gets close to everything you see at the site.

To use their bikes, call their business website, pedegoelectricbikes.com, and find the nearest store. The staff will set up everything to allow you to explore the local park or the nearby tourist spots.


Friendswitha.com is an online electric bike rental platform. FriendWithA combines creativity and outdoor and adventurous enthusiast interests in a shared gear experience.

Contrary to the other four listed above, FriendWithA is a peer-to-peer electric bike rentals marketplace, which means that instead of contacting company rentals, you will be in touch with bike enthusiasts with electrical bikes willing to offer their service in exchange for money.

Why is renting an electrical bike expensive?

Purchasing an electrical bike is far more expensive than a regular bike, which means that renting them is far more costly. The additional electronic components that make renting an electrical bike expensive are the lithium-ion batteries to power the electrical bike, the electric motor sensors, the small electric motor that provides the energy, and a high-tech LCD screen that allows riders to track the bike’s battery life, estimated range, and many more.

In addition, an ebike is also made with sturdier materials than regular bikes, such as carbon fiber, which allows them to carry all the additional load of the electrical bike’s extra components.

Rental bikes on a city street

Things you need to know before renting an electrical bike

Before going out to use an electric bike to ride through different tourist spots like the glacier national park and the going to the sun road, there are some things you need to know. First, the battery packs on the electric bikes won’t last forever, so you have to always keep in mind its estimated range so that you will have adequate power to bring the bike back to the shop.

Although using an electric bike does not have many restrictions, some states require you to be of some age before you can ride them, and you must wear protective gear at all times. Adding to this, you must also be familiar with the locality’s traffic laws in riding an electric bike, whether you are allowed to go on bike lanes, where you can park, and what not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are e-bikes allowed in Glacier National Park and going to the sun road?

Yes, recently, laws have been put in place that allows e-bikes to go on the Glacier national park and the going to the sun road.

Are Ebikes allowed in Boulder?

Yes, ebikes are allowed within the multi-use paths on Boulder. However, they are not permitted on open spaces, mountain park trails, or the Boulder Canyon trail.

Do I need insurance coverage to use an electric bike?

No, you don't need insurance if you want to rent an electric bike and ride to different tourist spots.


Electrical bikes are excellent transportation modes that can be used for business or pleasure purposes (see here if you want to start a bike rental company). And if you plan to use an electrical bike for touring attractions, renting them might be the best option aside from buying one.

We hope this informative article has helped you become more knowledgeable on how to rent an electrical bike and how much it costs.

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