Electric bikes have revolutionized short-distance commuting. Not only are they fast and efficient, but they are also very eco-friendly and will guarantee to save you tons of money, especially these days when gas prices are skyrocketing.

Brands like Damon Motors Inc, Bosch Limited, and many more have made electric bikes accessible to everyone, whether for business or pleasure purposes, which ultimately leads to helping to save our environment by drastically reducing carbon emissions.

Electric bikes can cost up to $4000-$5000 for the high-end ones, but you can easily find quality electric bikes under $2000 that can quickly provide you with all the comfort and convenience you are looking for in an electric bike.

In this article, we will tackle the best electric bikes under $2000, what we like about them, and the things to know before purchasing them.

Let’s get right into the electric bike review.

Quick Electric Bikes Recommendations Under $2000

Award Photo Model Price
Best Overall Ebike Under $2000 Aventon LEVEL Check Price
Best Off-Road Ebike Under $2000 Aventon AVENTURE Check Price
Also Recommended Off-Road Bike Under $2000 Addmotor M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Check Price
Lightest Ebike for City Use Under $2000 ZOOZ Bikes ULTRA URBAN 250 Check Price
Best Off-Road Foldable Ebike Under $2000 Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH Check Price
Best Cargo Ebike Under $2000 Ride1Up 700 SERIES Check Price
Best Budget Ebike Under $2000 Ride1Up CORE-5 Check Price

Best Electric Bikes Under $2000 Reviews

The Aventon LEVEL Commuter Ebike is the flagship bike produced by Aventon.

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The Aventon LEVEL Commuter Ebike is equipped with all the gear you are looking for in a flagship electric bike, such as a backlit LCD to make them fully visible even in low light conditions, a front cushioning suspension, and a speed boost of up to 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph on throttle assist.

The Aventon LEVEL Commuter Ebike is a class 3 electric bike equipped with a 750W peak and 500W sustained rear hub motor and features up to 5 levels of pedal assist. It has a durable aluminum frame, an eight-speed cassette, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Adding to this, it also has a removable internal lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah battery pack, enabling the bike to cover distances of up to 40 miles after a single charge using its 48V 3 amp fast charger, all for just $1,799.00.

What We Like
Powerful 750W Rear Hub Motor - The Aventon LEVEL Commuter Ebike's powerful rear hub motor allows you to take on any terrain. You can take this bike and cover steep hills with ease and can carry heavy loads without having to compromise on speed.
Comfortable - Riding in the Aventon LEVEL bike is comfortable with its installed suspension fork that comfortably absorbs shock from any off-road terrain, which gives you a shake-free commute through the streets.
Fast Charging - The bike's included charger allows you to charge the LEVEL bike from 0 to 100 in just 4-5 hours, which is something that's lacking in most electric bikes in this price range.
Speed - The speed at which the Aventon LEVEL Commuter Ebike can travel makes them the best electric bike for commuters as it allows you to travel at a max speed of 28 mph.
Range - The range at which the bike can travel after one full charge is also incredible at an average range of 40 miles, which can also increase if you don't use the pedal assistance all the time.
Know Before Buying
Minimal Reflectors - Reflectors and safety lights are essential if you want to travel safely during low light conditions, which the LEVEL ebike lacks. There are no headlights, a tail light, or a bell, meaning you have to purchase them to increase your safety.
Not Easy To Remove Tires - The Kenda Kwick Drumlin tires on the bike are guaranteed to withstand punctures, but they are pretty hard to remove from the bike when you want to get them checked out or when you want to replace them.
Only One Color Option - Having only one color option is something that is a huge deal breaker to some; the freedom to choose from different colors seems like a good thing to have in this price bracket.
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Another addition from Aventon is the Aventon AVENTURE Ebike, designed for off-road terrains.

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This rugged and versatile e-bike is the most powerful bike ever made by Aventon, equipped with a 1130W peak and 750W sustained rear hub motor enabling the e-bike to travel a maximum speed of 28 mph from the pedal assist and 20 mph from the throttle assist.

This fat tire electric bike features up to 5 levels of pedal assistance, an aluminum alloy bike frame, a high-quality suspension system with 80mm travel distance, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and 4″ fat tires for a smooth ride.

Lastly, the Aventon AVENTURE Ebike’s removable internal lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah, can be charged using a 48V 3 Amp fast Charger, which can fully charge the bike in less than 5 hours, which you can then use to cover an average range of 45 miles.

What We Like
Fat Tires - The 4" wide tires guarantee a smooth ride in off-road terrain or if you are traveling on bike paths with many obstructions.
Backlit LCD - The futuristic-looking LCD from the Aventon AVENTURE Ebike is intuitive and will accurately show you the bike's speed, battery level, distance traveled, and many more.
Integrated Lights - Contrary to the first addition by Aventon, the AVENTURE Ebike is fully equipped with integrated lights, which means you can be seen clearly on roads even at night.
Can Carry Heavy Cargo - The AVENTURE Ebike is one of the best electric bikes to bring when camping. It can easily carry up to 400 pounds of cargo, so you can carry all the extra camping gear you need.
Upright Riding Position - The AVENTURE Ebike is designed to give the rider an upright position, resulting in less back pain after the riding session is finished.
Know Before Buying
Heavy - Since the Aventon AVENTURE Ebike is considered a mountain bike, it can be pretty heavy to carry around at a whopping 74 lbs, at least three times that of regular bikes. Additionally, carrying them around can be difficult as it is too heavy for most car-mounted bike racks.
Rear Lights - The rear lights are only installed on one side of the bike, which can dramatically reduce other drivers' vision of you in low light conditions.
Fender Issues - A significant drawback to the AVENTURE bike is that the fenders can rattle and get clogged up, especially if you are on bike trails with lots of mud.
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If you don't prefer the first option for the off-road e-bikes, the Addmotor M-550 P7 Fat Tire Ebike might be the second best choice.

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This ebike is powered by a powerful 48V, 17.5 Ah lithium Samsung battery cells that can be fully charged within 6-7 hours and a 750W rear geared hub motor which allows the bike to cover a distance of 65 miles after one full charge.

It features five levels of pedal assist, a cadence sensor, a 5-inch LCD with a USB port, water-resistant connectors with wiring harness, an aluminum alloy frame, and an Addshox spring suspension fork with 80 mm of travel to give you a smooth ride through rough terrain.

Adding to this, it has integrated front and rear lights and up to 6 unique color options.

What We Like
Distance - The distance the Addmotor M-550 P7 Fat Tire Ebike can travel after one charge is phenomenal at an average length of 65 miles, which can also increase if you are conservative with your battery.
Front And Rear Lights - The integrated front and rear lights are enough to make you visible even while biking at night.
Powerful Disc Brakes - The powerful disc brakes used by the Addmotor M-550 P7 Fat Tire Ebike are easy to maintain and provide adequate force when you want to stop.
Color Options - Contrary to the other bikes listed in this article, the Addmotor M-550 P7 Fat Tire Ebike is available in six different color options: grey, black, estate blue, khaki, pearl white, and army green.
Detachable Rear Rack - If you are carrying cargo from one place to another, this bike might be one of the best choices as it has a detachable rear rack that can comfortably carry groceries and bags and even allow you to bring your child when you are biking.
Know Before Buying
Charging Time - Since the Addmotor M-550 P7 Fat Tire Ebike uses the standard 2.5A smart charger, charging the bike from 0-100% takes a relatively long time, up to 6-7 hours.
Heavy - With all the bulky motor, battery, and frame, the bike is one of the heaviest listed in this article, weighing a whopping ‎94 pounds.
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The ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 is the best and lightest electric bike when it comes to city riding.

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If you want to want to move away from the bulky and heavy electric bikes and want to use an electric bike to get from one place to another quickly without having to worry about its weight, this ebike is for you.

You can choose any of the three options of the various ZoozBikes Ultra Urban types from the UU250, 750, and 1100 city bike. Of the three, the UU250 is the lightest, equipped with a 36V gear drive motor capable of outputting 500W of motor power and a 16aH battery with lithium-ion 18650 cells that allow the bike to travel up to 40 miles.

It weighs about 44.1 lbs, can carry cargo weighing up to 200 lbs, and can travel at a maximum speed of 20 mph.

What We Like
Light - Weighing at just 44.1 lbs, the ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 is one of the lightest electric bikes ever manufactured.
Fast Charging - With a considerably smaller battery, you can fully charge the ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 in under 4 hours.
Can Carry Cargo - Despite the bike weighing just 44 lbs, it can still take a load weighing up to 200 lbs, allowing you to have anywhere from groceries to your work bag easily.
Sturdy Frame - ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 is made with Chromoly steel. It is a lightweight and flexible premium alloy that can withstand any bumps, giving you a comfortable ride on bumpy paved terrains.
Comfortable Seat - The ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 is equipped with a patented seat design that hides all the electronics underneath, allows the rider to sit closer or farther from the handlebars, and gives the rider a soft cushioning that will ensure a comfortable ride.
Know Before Buying
Slow Speed - Since this bike is equipped with a relatively smaller motor, it can only travel at a top speed of 16-20 mph, which can be pretty slow for some commuters who want to get from one place to another quickly.
Low Maximum Range - The bike's 16aH battery limits the bike to have a maximum range of just 25-40 miles.
Delayed Response - As per other riders, the pedal assist on the ZoozBikes Ultra Urban 250 was delayed by the pedal sensors.
Non-Adjustable Seat - The long, comfortable seat on the ZoozBikes Ultra Urban bikes is non-adjustable.
Not Very Powerful Motors - The motor equipped on the bike is relatively smaller and can output lower amounts of power which means the bike encounters problems when climbing steep terrain and hills.
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Another addition from the Aventon brand is the SINCH STEP-THROUGH Foldable Ebike, a foldable, portable, and powerful electric bike that will guarantee a comfortable ride on paved terrains or off-road trails.

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The SINCH STEP-THROUGH Foldable Ebike has a 48v, 500w Brushless hub motor and a removable 48V,14 Ah lithium ion battery that can be fully charged in under 5 hours with its 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger.

The bike can travel at a max speed of 20 mph on pedal assist and can cover an average distance of 40 miles. This bike also has a load capacity of up to 300lbs which is why this bike is also perfect for heavy riders.

It has five levels of pedal assistance, a single-butted aluminum alloy frame, a BC280 LCD smart, an easy-read display, and powerful mechanical disc brakes, all for $1,799.00.

What We Like
Folding Ebike - Perhaps the most significant advantage that the Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH Foldable Ebike has is that it is foldable, which means it can be easily stored under your office desks, and carrying them is as easy as putting them at the back of your car.
Can Carry Loads - Despite its compact design, this foldable electric bike can easily carry cargo weighing up to 300 lbs.
Fast Charging - The battery for the Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH Foldable electric bike can be charged using 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger in under 5 hours from 0-100%.
Full Color LCD - Aventon's full-color LCD makes them one of the best for functional and aesthetically pleasing displays on electric bikes under 2,000.
Know Before Buying
Cramped - If not all, then most foldable electric bikes are designed for smaller riders, which means adult riders might feel cramped while riding these electric bike types.
Lag - Riders have expressed their problems regarding the lag when starting to pedal and when the motor kicks in to provide the speed boost, although this is something to be expected for cheap electric bikes and electric bikes under 2,000.
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If you are looking for electric cargo bikes, then the best electric bike choice might be the Ride1Up 700 Series.

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The Ride1Up 700 Series is made with a sturdy, high-quality, lightweight aluminum frame and frame geometry, guaranteeing a comfortable ride in different terrains.

This throttle assist and pedal assist electric bike is powered by a 48V geared hub motor capable of outputting 750 W with a 48V 15 ah Retention Rhino battery which allows this electric bike to travel at speeds of 15 mph and cover a distance of over 50 miles.

Included when purchasing the Ride1Up 700 Series e bike are an integrated LED headlight and taillights to give you tons of visibility when riding out in the dark, a 48V two amp charger and cable, an LCD with advanced metrics, something that’s rarely seen in an electric bike under 2,000, and high-performance e bike tires that are great for both rainy and sunny days.

What We Like
Powerful Motor - The bike's powerful 750W motor makes climbing steep hills no problem, and reaching the bike's maximum speed on pedal assist mode at 28 mph is no problem.
Range - The Ride1Up 700 Series e bikes range is phenomenal, at 50 miles and more, something that's uncommon for a relatively cheap electric bike.
Capable Of Loads - The Ride1Up 700 Series' rear rack can carry up to 275 lbs of load, more than enough for any laptop bag or even groceries.
Great Hydraulic Disc Brakes - The Ride1Up 700 Series e bikes are made with Tektro Dual Piston hydraulic disc brakes, which work very well at stopping the e bike, and if ever you need to fix or replace them, most bike shops can offer assistance.
Know Before Buying
Hard To Assemble - Some of the best electric bikes can be quite hard to build, but the Ride1Up 700 Series e bikes tend to be the most complex of them all. Bringing the bike to a local bike shop is highly suggested to prevent damage, especially to the electric motor.
Lagging Cadence Sensor - The cadence sensor of the Ride1Up 700 Series electric bicycles tends to have some delay, especially when stopping and starting.
Lacking Throttle Assist Power - Despite being powered with a relatively powerful 750W motor, experiments have found that the power only from the throttles wasn't powerful enough to climb steep hills.
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If you are looking for budget electric bicycles with the best bang for your buck, then the Ride1Up Core-5 might be the best choice.

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This e-bike only costs $1,195.00, but with that, you have an electric bicycle installed with a 48V geared hub motor and a 48V 12.8ah Smart BMS battery enabling this class 3 e bike to travel at a top speed of 28 mph and an average distance of 45 miles.

This hub motor ebike is installed with an integrated sensitive cadence sensor, Tektro 160mm Mechanical Disc brakes, and Kenda Kwick Seven.5 27.5″ x2.2 high-quality tires.

Included in the purchase of the Ride1Up Core-5 e bike is a 48V two amp charger and cable with an integrated led indicator to provide real-time charging status of the bike, a handlebar Mounted 2.2″ Two-Tone LCD Display that accurately shows the bike features such as speed, battery level, distance traveled, and many more.

Lastly, the Ride1Up Core-5 e bike is installed with all-terrain eBike tires that feature K-Shield protection, guaranteeing a puncture-free tire even in rough terrain and a heavy duty and adjustable kickstand capable of carrying extra loads.

What We Like
Budget-Friendly - The Ride1Up Core-5 e bike is budget friendly but is complete with all the things you want from an e-bike, making them the best electric bike under 2,000 if you are starting out.
Easy Handling - Handling the Ride1Up Core-5 e bike is easy; it can turn on corners quickly, making them safe for intersections.
Portable - Weighing at just 49 lbs, carrying this e bike is easy; adding to this, you also don't need to purchase any unique bike rack to bring this bike with you when you are traveling, as regular bike racks might be able to do the job safely.
Great Brakes - The Ride1Up Core-5 e bike is made with Tektro 160mm Mechanical Disc brakes which work phenomenally well at stopping the bike, especially when paired with the bike's lightweight, stopping to take pictures is made easy.
Know Before Buying
Little Accessories - There are little to no accessories added to the Ride1Up Core-5; it does not have a headlight, brake light, fenders, or a rear rack which might come in handy if you're bringing cargo.
Small Battery - The Ride1Up Core-5 is equipped with a relatively small battery only capable of providing power to the bike for just 45 miles, which means if you are looking for a bike for longer trips, it might be best to stick with electric mountain bikes.
Loud Motor - Riders have expressed their issues regarding the loud motor noises, especially when traveling at high speeds, though this is expected for a budget e bike.
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Buying Guide for the Best Electric Bikes Under $2000

Here are some factors you must consider when purchasing electric bikes under $2000.


The range is an essential factor you must consider when purchasing the best electric bikes under $2000. The maximum average distance a bike can travel will be a huge deal breaker if you commute or bike all day long, especially if you live far away from your workplace.


Suppose the bike you are going to purchase is not comfortable. In that case, the most likely thing that’s going to happen is that you will be taking the bus or train to get around, rendering your e-bikes useless, so choose an electric bike that will be comfortable to ride in, even in different terrain.

Charging time

Charging time is a crucial factor you must consider if you like using your e-bike constantly to get from one place to another. You probably don’t want to wait multiple hours on end just waiting for your bike to get to 50%, so choose electric bikes that use a fast charger instead of the traditional ones to charge their batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mechanical disc brakes vs. hydraulic disc brakes

Disc brakes are brake types that work by applying force on the brake lever; there are two main types of disc brakes, specifically, the mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes operate with a steel cable connected to the brake caliper; putting pressure on the lever will allow the bike to stop. On the other hand, hydraulic brakes utilize a sealed fluid system to transfer the applied force to the caliper; whenever you apply pressure to the brake lever, the piston goes inside the cylinder, which then transfers the force to the pistons in the brake caliper, slowing down the rotations of the wheel and rotor. Overall hydraulic brakes are far better than mechanical brakes as they have better modulation and braking power. Adding to this, hydraulic brakes are more efficient as they reduce friction between the components.

Mid drive motor vs. hub motors

Hub motors are great because they don't require much maintenance, are independent drive systems, and their enclosed system also means that there are not a lot of things that can go wrong on the inside. Adding to this, hub motors help preserve the well-being of your chain as they don't exert stress on them. However, almost all hub motors are single ratio only; they are relatively heavier and can be quite limiting regarding wheel-related components. On the other hand, a mid drive motor allows multiple gear ratios; they are smaller and lighter than hub motors, and changing the tire on a mid drive motor is more straightforward. Despite this, there are still some disadvantages of mid drive motors, such as being incredibly brutal on the bike's drive system; adding to this, they are also more expensive than the traditional hub motor.

How fast can a 1000w 48v electric bike go?

A 1000W electric bike can go up to 35 mph; these are generally the electric mountain bikes typically used for off-road terrain and rough terrains instead of the everyday daily commuting electric bicycles.

How fast can a 48v 2000W ebike go?

A 2000W ebike can travel at a maximum speed of 43 mph on a relatively flat paved terrain.

How long does a battery last on an electric bike?

The longevity of an electric bike battery depends on how you take care of them; however, on average, an electric bike battery can last up to 3-5 years.

How much does an electric bike battery cost?

An electric bike battery is the second most expensive part of your e bike; if repairing does not solve your e bike issues, then buying one might be the last option. Electric bike batteries can run up to $500-$900 depending on the brand and battery capacities.

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes, electric bicycles have been made so that all the electronic components are safely covered to protect them from all the outside elements like rain. While they are safe to ride during rains, you should always keep your bike dry to prevent the bike frame from getting rust.


Also Recommended Off-Road Bike Under $2000

An electric bicycle is a great way to get around (that’s why the government is also expanding bike infrastructures); not only are they cheap to maintain, but they also tremendously help save the Earth by drastically reducing harmful carbon emissions from reaching the atmosphere.

So if you are looking for the best electric bikes under $2000, keep an eye out for the electric bikes listed in this product roundup article.

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