Electric bikes are fun, and they make things a lot easier. Nowadays, e-bikes are designed not just for skinny, tall riders anymore. Modern e-bikes cater to a larger crowd that requires more weight capacity, durable frames, better mileage, and high torque motors. For heavy riders in 2022, E-bikes are the best option to get around and lose weight at the same time.

Below, I’ve listed ten of the best electric bikes for heavy riders. I’ve detailed their most important specs, pointed out why you should consider them over the competition, and provided a comprehensive, heavy riders buyer’s guide to help you understand the specs of these electric bicycles and how they try to accommodate heavy riders and their riding style.

With that said, let’s get into it.

Quick Electric Bikes Recommendations for Heavy Riders

Award Photo Model Price
Best Entry-Level E-bike for Heavy Riders Rad 6 Plus Electric Check Price
Best E-Bike For Outdoor Adventures QuietKat Apex E-Bike Check Price
Best On-Roading Range Riese & Muller Superdelite GT touring Check Price
Most Premium Electric Mountain Bike Jeep Jeep E-Bike Check Price
Best for Hauling Cargo Addmotor M-340 Electric Fat Trike Check Price
Most Accessible Electric Bike Liberty Trike LIBERTY TRIKE Check Price
Best Ultra-Mid Drive E-bike for heavy riders Biktirx JUGGERNAUT ULTRA FS Check Price
Best Electric Bike with Seat Post Suspension Cube KATHMANDU HYBRID Check Price
Best Dual-Motor E-bike with AWD Ariel Rider D-Class Check Price
Best Electric Bike for Heavy Riders Overall Rad RadWagon 4 Check Price

Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders Reviews

If you're a heavy rider who is just starting out with e-bikes (or graduating from the mobility scooter-type E-bikes), the Radrover 6 Plus is a safe and affordable option. This e-bike is already equipped with everything you need to start practicing right away, and you should have no problem riding this as long as you satisfy the 275lb weight limit. 

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  • Load Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Range: Max 45 miles
  • Motor: 75OW Geared hub motor
  • Battery: 672 Wh (48V/14Ah)
  • Standover height: 30.5″/22.5″

I’m quite satisfied with the initial impressions of Rad Power Bikes and this Radrover 6 Plus does not disappoint. It’s a well-built electric bicycle that’s already outfitted with all the essential accessories you need to take it for a ride. These include a stylish pair of classic-looking fenders (which does a great job of looking cool and protecting the rider against mud, rain, or snow), hydraulic disc brakes, along with front and rear lights (LED headlight and integrated brake light).

In terms of comfort, you are getting the usual electric bike experience with a conventional saddle that is nothing too fancy (the usual ergonomic design with a built-in handle) and an RST Spring fork with 60mm of travel. It’s alright for most riders as long as they are used to riding bikes without a backrest.

The tires are Kenda Juggernaut’s with 26″ diameter and 4″ thickness, and these fat tires are great for supporting the 275lbs maximum weight capacity. So if you are a heavy rider who’s under this weight limit, you will be able to ride this e-bike without any problems. Also, the tires are lined with K-shield puncture-resistant material, making them ideal for an off-road experience.

In terms of sizing, there are only two options available, the High-Step and Step-Through. The high step option is for taller riders, while the step-through variant is designed for anybody who needs a little more assistance. The step-through variant has a 22.5″ standover height; hence, I highly recommend it for heavy riders who are not very flexible.

What We Like
Mid-range price tag
Fat tires for off-roading
A crossbar-free size option with a 22.5" standover height
Know Before Buying
275lb weight limit
Ordinary suspension system
Limited color options (Black and white only)
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With the help of the Quietkat Apex, you should have no problem joining your buddies who are hunting, fishing, or adventuring outdoors using their mountain bikes. This bike frame can easily handle 325lbs of weight and even tow an additional 300lbs (trailers need to be purchased separately). There are tons of electric bike reviews around this vehicle, and everybody has good things to say about it. (Except the price, of course.)

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  • Load Capacity: 325 lbs
  • Range: 48 miles maximum
  • Motor: 10000/750W Mid-drive
  • Battery: 48V/ 16 Ah
  • Standover height: 5’6″-6′ (Medium)

These Quietkat Apex electric fat bikes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. All three sizes have the same weight limit, and they only differ by the standover height. (the medium size option is better suited for most riders that are 5’4″-6′ tall.) Also, you can pick between the 1000W motor or 750W motor.

The only built-in accessory you get with this electric bike is the rear rack. (welded into the frame.) Everything else, such as front LED headlights, fenders, trailers, and tire liners, needs to be purchased separately.

Speaking of tires, this bad boy uses 4.5″ thick tires in the medium-large size option (26″ diameter), and for brakes, it has Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

The inverted air suspension has 150mm of travel, and it is great at keeping things tight and comfortable. Also, the torque sensor makes pedaling a breeze thanks to its highly accurate monitoring and pedal-assist features.

Despite being an electric mountain bike, this vehicle ensures you have a comfortable riding experience. (Also, if you want to max out the comfort settings, you can purchase the “comfort kit,” which includes a premium saddle and suspension seat post.)

Unlike many other cities slickin’ E-bikes, what’s great about this Quietkat Apex is the mid-drive motor. This is a powerful motor that’s great for climbing up steep hills and navigating rugged terrain which is why this bike is also great for hunting.

On top of that, this electric bike motor is great for towing e-bike trailers and other heavy equipment; hence, for heavy riders in 2022, a mid-drive or an ultra mid-drive is always the better option, even if they won’t use it for off-roading.

Also, the electric bike batteries have a 16Ah capacity which allows the E-bike to perform a full-throttle mileage of 48 miles.

What We Like
Impressive weight capacity
High Torque Mid-drive motor with smoother pedal assist
Supports a suspension seat post accessory for better comfort (purchased separately)
Know Before Buying
Highly expensive and premium electric mountain bike
Fenders, lights, and liners need to be purchased separately
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The Superdelite E-bike is designed for everybody, but not everybody will buy it because of its astronomical price tag and limited off-road capabilities. However, this bike features one of the most efficient motors that can provide 50+ miles of full-throttle range when coupled with the dual-battery setup. (So if you have the chance to take it for a test ride, I highly suggest you do.)

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  • Load Capacity: 308 lbs (Medium)
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Motor: Bosch GEN4 Cx Performance
  • Battery: 36 V/ 13.4 Ah and 16.7 Ah
  • Standover height: 32″

This e-bike comes in three different sizes and two color variants. The medium size, specifically known as the 51cm (20″) frame, supports anybody with an average height of 5’6″-6″. (Where the other sizes fit anybody shorter or taller than this limit.)

There are a lot of high-end features in this e-bike. However, one of the most important aspects that heavy riders should be concerned about is comfort. Fortunately, this electric bike has a state-of-the-art front suspension fork (called the Fox Float Air suspension fork) which has 100mm of travel along with a highly advanced dampening system. Also, it has a secondary suspension unit for the rear wheel for extra comfort and stability.

This e-bike has a Bosch performance line cx motor, which is a mid-drive with a motor power of 250W (see how fast can a 250w ebike go here). It can generate 85Nm (62ft-lbs) of torque with a maximum speed of 25km/h (15mph). This speed and torque may not be powerful as most of the other high-end options on this list, but it has one of the smoothest and most intuitive pedal-assist features.

Also, when set up with the dual battery configuration of 1125Wh (36V/31.25Ah) this e-bike can run continuously for an impressive range of 150km (99miles).

What We Like
Almost 99 miles of mileage (with the dual-battery setup)
ABS disc brakes
Sturdy rear rack
Know Before Buying
Ridiculously expensive
The Mid-drive motor power is not enough for off-roading
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QuietKat collaborated with Jeep to design the perfect E-bike that can go almost anywhere and handle the toughest terrain, and they seem to have done a pretty good job since this E-bike is no slouch. This bike features a very capable dual-suspension setup, a powerful 1000W/750W ultra mid-drive, double-disc hydraulic brakes, and a 300lb weight limit. For riders with a heavy build, heavy purse, and heavy disposition for off-roading, this is it.

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  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Range: Max 58 miles
  • Motor: 10000/75ow Ultra Mid-drive
  • Battery: 48 V/ 14.5 Ah
  • Recommended height: 5’6″-6″ (Medium size option)

The Jeep E-bike comes in two colors: red and charcoal. Other than that, you can pick between the 1000W or the 750W version. Also, these electric bikes come in three different size variants (small, medium, and large), with the medium size having a standover height that would fit most heavy riders.

The E-bike is built specifically for the outdoors; regardless, it can support a maximum rider weight of 300lbs thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame, fat tires (26” x 4.8” all-terrain), and QK inverted air suspension with a whopping 150mm of travel.

The 1000W mid-drive motor can produce 160Nm of torque (117ft-lbs), and it has a 48V 14.5Ah battery with almost 58 miles of continuous range. Also, since this is a Quietkat E-bike, there are loads of handy accessories such as solar panel chargers, trailers, pannier bags, etc.

For heavy riders, I recommend purchasing the premium electric bike saddle and the suspension-integrated seat post for a more comfortable experience.

What We Like
Mid-drive E-bike motors with high torque
RockShox Monarch RL rear-wheel suspension for improved stability
300lb weight limit
Know Before Buying
Even more expensive than typical electric mountain bikes
Only includes a barebones version (without fenders, lights, liners, or racks)
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Addmotor's M-340 has got a lot of things going for it. Apart from being a highly accessible ebike that doubles as a mobility scooter, this bad boy has enough space and strength to haul a lot of stuff. It's another great E-bike for heavy riders who are looking for a safe tricycle design with extra storage compartments.

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  • Load Capacity: 350lbs
  • Range: 55 Miles (maximum)
  • Motor: Bafang Hub Motor, 750W
  • Battery: 481/17.5 Ah
  • Standover height: 17.5″

This electric bike has multiple accessories built into the e-bike itself, making it a highly versatile device that can be ridden by almost anybody, anytime as soon as it is assembled.

This electric bike comes in four different colors, but it only has a single “one-size-fits-all” option. (Which has a standover height of 17.5″.) The optional built-in accessories include fenders, front and rear integrated lights, a front basket, and a rear rack with a waterproof storage bag.

For ergonomics and comfort, this electric bike includes a wide saddle with a backrest and a wooden board on top of the step-through crossbar. (Where heavy riders can rest their feet whenever the electric motor is driving the front wheel.)

Also, the trike has a decent fork suspension with 80mm of travel, which is great for heavy riders as it minimizes discomfort and handlebar washout whenever riding through bumpy terrain.

Despite having 4″ wide puncture-resistant fat tires, this electric bike is not meant for off-roading since the front hub-drive can only remain stable at lower speeds when rolling through smooth terrain. Instead, this E-bike is great for traversing the concrete jungle as you can safely outmaneuver traffic, even while carrying a ton of groceries or cargo.

What We Like
High weight capacity of 350lbs
Impressive range of 55+ miles
Most essential accessories are already built-in to the E-bike
Know Before Buying
Heavier than other E-bikes; hence, difficult to transport without properly disassembling
Not designed for off-roading
Takes around 6-7 hours to fully recharge (using the standard 2.5A DC smart charger)
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The Liberty Trike is a viable option for many heavy riders who have physical limitations and disabilities, mainly because it is built like a mobility scooter with safety and comfort in mind. With this electric trike, you can take it easy and allow the motor to do most of the work.

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  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Range: 20 miles max
  • Motor: 750w front wheel Hub-drive
  • Battery: 36 V/ 8 Ah
  • Standover height: 25″-30″

Under the right circumstances (and in the proper environment), this electric bike is very comfortable to ride around. The three-wheel design makes it safer and balanced so that almost everybody can drive it, even if they have trouble balancing a a bike.

Unfortunately, this electric bike has a smaller lithium-ion battery with an 8Ah capacity; hence, you can only get 20 miles of full-throttle range from a single charge. Also, the 750W front wheel hub drive isn’t great for pedal assist since when you are riding this bike, you’re going to feel like you are being towed.

What We Like
Easy to fold and disassemble
Decent price tag
Can easily support 300lbs of cargo (heavy rider + stuff they want to carry)
Know Before Buying
20-mile range
Lacks decent suspension
Takes 3-5 hours to fully recharge
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The Juggernaut Ultra FS has one of the best ultra mid-drive motors and torque sensors used in off-road electric bikes. I recommend this bike because of it's torque sensor which (along with its five varying pedal-assist levels) will work wonders for a heavy rider. Especially when they get tired and need extra assistance to start pedaling again.

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  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Range: 35-55 miles
  • Motor: Bafang M620 Ultra Mid-drive
  • Battery: 48V/ 17.5 Ah, 21 Ah
  • Standover height: 28.7″-31.1″

What’s great about this E-bike (and why heavy riders should consider it as a future investment) is because of the high-end suspension configuration. This thicc boi has an inverted front fork suspension with 100mm of travel. On top of that, it also has a Rockshox rear suspension with the same amount of travel.

Other than looking like a traditional bike, the Juggernaut Ultra FS has an ultra mid-drive electric motor, which is an amazing E-bike motor for climbing steep hills and rocky terrain. However, regardless of off-roading, this motor will be great for a heavy rider who needs a little extra push every now and then.

Also, the additional support from the torque sensor (with five levels of pedaling assist) makes it easier to pedal with better stability.

In my opinion, it’s a solid E-bike for heavier riders who want a more convenient yet immersive cycling experience.

What We Like
160Nm (117ft-lbs) of torque
Advanced dual suspension with 100mm of travel
Thick 3"/4" tires for higher weight capacity and off-roading
Know Before Buying
Slightly more premium
Fenders, racks, and liners need to be purchased separately
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The Kathmandu SLT 750 may not be designed for off-roading, but it has one of the most comfortable and stable suspension systems in the E-bike market. This bicycle has a 100mm travel RockShox front fork and a premium BySchulz seat post suspension configuration (with 30mm of travel), making it one of the most comfortable two-wheelers for heavy riders.

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  • Load Capacity: 297 lbs
  • Range: 60+ miles (approx)
  • Motor: Bosch Gen4 CX
  • Battery: Bosch 750 Wh PowerTube
  • Standover height: 25″ (Medium size)

This electric bike comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, with the small size having a standover height of 25″ while the XL option has a 26″ height. Unfortunately, the horizontal crossbar can make it difficult for heavier riders to get into the bike.

However, it’s smooth sailing after that, because this e-bike has a very comfortable Rockshox Air suspension fork with almost 100mm of travel. On top of that, it’s one of the few e-bikes on this list that includes a premium suspension seat post (The BySchulz G.2 Parallelogram with 30.9mm) right off the box.

The driving motor for this e-bike is a Bosch Gen4 CX motor. This e-bike motor is more about efficiency and range. I couldn’t get exact figures, but when coupled with the 750Wh battery, this electric bike is supposed to last more than 60 miles of automatic (pedal-free) range on a single charge.

What We Like
Built-in suspension seat post
High-range motor with an impressive gear range (12-speed)
Fenders, lights, and rear rack already included in the box
Know Before Buying
Highly premium e-bike
Designed strictly for on-roading
All size options will include the horizontal crossbar
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If you're looking for speed and versatility, the ArielRider D-Class has got you covered. Despite being more compact than your usual mountain bike, this E-bike can handle a lot of weight. So if you are a particularly heavy rider who wants to experience a little more speed on-road as well as off-road, this is the one to get.

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  • Load Capacity: 370lbs
  • Range: 50 miles (approx)
  • Motor: 2×750W hub motors
  • Battery: 48V/21 Ah
  • Standover height: 30″


What’s unique about this E-bike is that it features two 750W hub-drive motors on the front and rear wheels. The rider can easily control either one of these motors (or both) to drive, affording more stability and torque whenever necessary.

The extra traction is ideal for heavier riders, and when you find a good fit with the ergonomic banana seat and front fork suspension, it is a dream to ride.

This e-bike has a maximum range of almost 50 miles on full-throttle, thanks to its 21Ah battery. It supports a maximum weight capacity of 375lbs, which is quite surprising considering the smaller and more compact design of this scrambler e-bike.

What We Like
All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for better off-roading
375lbs weight limit
Impressive 50+ miles of range
Know Before Buying
The seat cannot be adjusted
30" standover height
Only comes in black
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The Radwagon 4 may look like one of the many traditional bikes on the market, but its 350lb weight capacity and the attractive price tag say otherwise. So in my opinion, the Radwagon 4 is the best electric bike for heavy riders who would use it for everyday situations such as grocery shopping, commuting, and painting the town red.

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  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Range: 45+ miles
  • Motor: 75OW Geared hub motor
  • Battery: 672 Wh (48V/14 Ah)
  • Standover height: 23.6″

This electric bike comes in three different flavors: orange, white and black. There is only one size variant with a 23.6″ standover height, and it’s short enough for riders who satisfy the minimum height requirements of 5’4″.

Although Rad Power advertises a ton of accessories for this electric bike (including a two-seater child seat setup), it already ships out with the basics such as fenders, rear rack, and lights.

Unfortunately, this e-bike won’t do well under bumpy terrain since it doesn’t have much going for it in the suspension department. The rigid front fork has no room for extra travel, and there are no specialized dampening mechanisms.

Therefore, heavy riders will have to be more careful and stick to smooth flat roads since most of the shock-absorbing and dampening will be carried out by the strong aluminum alloy frame and saddle.

Other than that, there’s not much to complain about. This bad boy has a 350lb weight capacity (one of the largest there is), and the 750W rear hub-drive motor is good for driving around in the city. (Where you won’t encounter too many steep hills or jagged terrain.)

The 672Wh (or 48V/14Ah) lithium-ion battery is quite decent and you can get more than 45 miles of battery range from it when you’re out and about in civilization.

What We Like
Higher weight capacity
Decent mileage
A ton of useful accessories
Know Before Buying
Weak suspension
Slightly heavier than other e-bikes
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Buying Guide for the Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders

Here are a few specs you need to look out for when picking out an electric bike that can support a heavy rider.

Load Capacity: For heavy riders, this is the most important spec to consider. Fortunately, most e-bike manufacturers design their e-bike frames to support a maximum capacity of 300lbs, so make sure the electric bike you are hoping to buy satisfies this weight limit. (Or at least the weight of the rider.)

Range: The number of miles that the electric bike can cover (with full throttle) varies according to the battery’s electric power capacity, motor power, and terrain. Therefore, most manufacturers cannot state exact values on the maximum range of these E-bikes. Nevertheless, I recommend going for bikes where you can get at least 20 miles of the advertised range from the motor alone.

Suspension: Suspension is important for heavy riders since it will directly affect their riding experience. Most on-road bicycles do not include advanced front forks with higher suspension travel distance, and some even include rigid forks that have no dampening properties. If you are certain that you will only be using the E-bike on smooth flat roads (such as in cities or towns), you don’t need to concern yourself with these specs. However, if you are thinking about taking the bike out for a ride in the countryside someday (where the roads aren’t always paved smooth), I suggest getting an all-terrain electric mountain bike instead. (Which always includes high-end front fork suspension with 50mm-100mm of travel.)


As you can see, there are a ton of e-bikes that can readily support heavy riders. These can be off-road e-bikes, three-wheeled scooter types, and even a couple of traditional-looking on-road e-bikes. In that regard, heavier riders have a lot of options to choose from as long as they follow their budget and their bicycle riding style.

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