Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular over the years, with environmental awareness stronger than ever. From gasoline-powered cars to electric cars, we also now have electric bikes.

Thanks to companies such as Damon Motors Inc., Yamaha Motor Company, Bosch Limited, and many more, electric bikes are becoming more and more accessible to the general public, making traveling more environmentally friendly and more convenient.

While you can purchase futuristic-looking electric bikes on the market for thousands of dollars, you can also easily find the best electric bike under $1500, that can provide you with the comfort and fantastic riding experience like others out there.

In this electric bike review, we will tackle the best electric bikes under 1500 US dollars, what to look for in good electric bikes, the classes of electric bikes, the types of electrical bikes, and many more.

Let’s get right into it.

Quick Electric Bike Recommendations Under $1500

Award Photo Model Price
Best Electric Bike Under $1500 for Commuters Ride1Up 500 SERIES Check Price
High Quality Electric Bike Under $1500 Lectric XP™ Lite Check Price
Super Lightweight Electric Bike Under $1500 Propella MINI Check Price
Best Value Electric Bike Under $1500 Aventon SOLTERA Check Price
Also Recommended Electric Bike Under $1500 Nakto MINI CRUISER Check Price

Best Electric Bike Under $1500 Reviews

Ride1Up has proved its worth as an e-bike brand focused on efficient and fast e-bikes for commuters. Although Ride1Up offers many models between $1,000 and $2000, the 500 Series is the most affordable option available.

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The Ride1Up is a class 3 electric bike featuring 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph for the throttle. Powered by a powerful rear hub motor capable of outputting up to 750w, along with the bike frame made with lightweight alloy, the Ride1Up can cover up to 24-45 miles.

The Ride1Up 500 Series includes mechanical disc brakes with an electronic motor shutoff.

This all-terrain bike is also equipped with an LCD digital display odometer, an integrated LED headlight, and a heavy-duty adjustable arm kickstand for just the reasonable price of $1,495.00

What We Like
High Capacity Battery - The battery life of the Ride1Up 500 Series is impressive, with a capacity of 624Wh and powered by a motor capable of producing 750W of power that allows you to travel long distances from a single charge.
Comfort - This e-bike provides you with an upright seat that will give you a comfortable ride along bike paths or even on the road.
Frame - The lightweight frame of the Ride1Up 500 Series is super durable and will withstand bad weather conditions like rain and snow.
Know Before Buying
Not Waterproof - The Ride1Up 500 Series is not entirely waterproof; however, they are water-resistant. Despite this, it's still not recommended to leave the e-bike outside during rains or snows for a prolonged as it may damage the electric components of the bike.
Shipping - Ride1Up only offers shipping to North America, while places like Hawaii and Canada require an additional shipping fee of $400.
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Lectric's XP LITE is a great city bike offering surprisingly low-price electric motors for a reasonable price. For years, the $999 Lectric XP 2.0 and its predecessors 2.0 dominated the electric bike market.

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Yet another high-quality e-bike in the $1500 price range is the Lectric XP LITE.

The new and more affordable $ 799 Lectric XPlite is a wallet-friendly electric bike. The new e-bikes offer good riding for less than 800 USD, it has 20′′ wheels and is powered by two cylinders rated for 300 kW continuous power, a peak power of 720 W.

The foldable Lectric XP LITE features a lithium-ion battery capacity of 48v that you can fully charge in just 4-6 hours. It also has 160mm mechanical disc brakes. The 300W rear hub motor provides enough power that allows the Lectric XP LITE to go to a max speed of 20 miles per hour and can cover a range of over 40 miles.

What We Like
Light - At just 46 lbs, the Lectric XP LITE is one of the lighter bikes on this list. The bike's frame is made with super lightweight aluminum material.
Foldable - The Lectric XP LITE is one of those folding e-bikes that make it easy for users to store and carry the e-bike around without additional equipment such as bike racks.
IP-65 Rating - This e-bike is rated with IP 65 protection, which will ensure you that the bike won't get damaged by water and dust
Know Before Buying
Small - The Lectric XP LITE is relatively small and might present problems regarding comfort for bigger users.
Speed - This e-bike is not recommended for people who want to go fast as this small e-bike can only go at speeds of up to 20 mph.
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Don't feel the bulky-type e-bikes? The Propella Mini might be the best electric bike for you.

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The Propella Mini looks somewhat odd on its surface, but its unique shape results in a super lightweight bike. It is made with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and fork, allowing the bike to weigh at around only 33 pounds.

This e-bike also features Shimano mechanical disc brakes and an LCD display constantly showing you the bike’s battery level, current speed, and time.

Powering the Propella Mini is a geared rear hub motor capable of outputting up to 400 watts, allowing this e-bike to go to a maximum speed of 18 MPH. With its fast-charging capabilities, the bike’s removable 36-volt battery (see also best ebikes with removable battery) can be fully charged within 2.5 hours, which will allow you to travel distances up to 20-35 miles away.

What We Like
Very Light - Made with lightweight aluminum alloy, the Propella Mini is one of the lightest bikes on the market, weighing just 33 pounds.
Brakes - The brakes on the Propella Mini are one of the best, made with high-quality Shimano mechanical disc brakes
Fast Charging - The Propella mini's 250-watt-hours removable battery can be fully charged within 2.5 hours.
Know Before Buying
Lack Of Suspension - Because of how lightweight the bike's frame is, it also leads to several issues regarding comfort, as it might give you a rocky ride along uneven roads and unpaved surfaces.
Narrow Tires - The narrow tires of the Propella mini might be a problem for some bikers as it allows them to be more prone to slipping into cracks and holes on the road.
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Aventon Soltera is one of the best value electric bikes on the market, offering very high performance and high-quality components.

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The system comes in a single version which can cost you $1,199And a 7-speed version that costs $1,299.00.

The bike features a 350W powerful motor, a removable integrated lithium-ion 36V, and a 10 Ah battery that can be fully charged within 2-3 hours using its fast 36V, 2 amp fast charger.

The Aventon Soltera is super lightweight because it is made with an aluminum alloy, and its small power source is integrated into the body. The stunning colors display likewise helps to add charm; it is equipped with a bright headlight and integrated taillights in the frame.

Along with a top speed of 20 mph on pedal assistance and throttle, the Aventon Soltera can cover distances over 41 miles away.

What We Like
Variety - The Aventon Soltera has two variations of the bike, one available at a single speed and another for seven-speed.
Great Weight Limit - This bike can carry a maximum load of up to 300 lbs.
Know Before Buying
Speed - Despite the bike being very lightweight, the Aventon Soltera can only travel at speeds of up 20 mph.
Rim Brakes - The Aventon Soltera is made with rim brakes, and while they are a good choice as they are lighter and cheaper than mechanical disc brakes, they perform terribly in wet conditions.
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This portable electric mountain bike has front and rear suspension that will give you a very comfortable ride even on offroad terrains.

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Last but definitely on this list is the NAKTO fat tire electric bike; it is made with a high-strength aluminum alloy, a carbon steel front fork, and a 9 cm buffer zone, resulting in better suspension capabilities and a more balanced ride.

The NAKTO fat tire electric bike can also go to a maximum speed of up to 25 miles per hour and can travel distances of up 35 miles.

This bike is of the cheaper e-bikes, and for the low price range of $460, it’s no surprise why this e-bike is rated highly on Amazon, with an overall rating of four stars and over 50 ratings from pleased consumers in the US.

What We Like
Great Suspension - With its fantastic suspension fork and 9 cm buffer zone, the NAKTO fat tire electric bike is one of the best electric bikes for offroad trails.
Double Disc Brakes - Another feature of the NAKTO fat tire electric bike is its great brake system using high-quality disc brakes will stop the bike fast and smoothly even in high-moisture terrains.
Know Before Buying
Fat Tires - As the name suggests, this e-bike has a relatively larger front and rear wheel than other e-bikes listed above. While fat tires offer a comfortable ride on snow, sand, and mud terrains, they are heavier, harder to maneuver, and can be pretty slow on paved roads.
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The three classes of E-bikes

When you think of electric bikes, you might wonder how fast electric bikes go and think that ebikes are just like standard bikes but just slightly different and powered by an electrical engine. The truth is, there are tons of varieties of electric bikes, and here are some relevant differences between them.

Type/Class 1

The class 1 electric bike features a pedal assist and is engineered like traditional riding bikes wherein you have to pedal to get it working; this type is made for daily errands and daily commutes in the city.

But instead of needing to pedal the bike continuously, there are sensors on the pedals that recognizes when you are pedaling and does all the work for you; this type of bike can reach a top speed of 20 mph or 32 km h and is excellent for bike lanes and bike paths.

And since this electric bike is still considered a bike, there’s no need to bring a driver’s license every time you go out.

Type/Class 2

The second type of electric bike features throttle-only assistance where it provides you with a speed boost via the throttles, just like how a motorcycle operates. In this type of electric bike, you don’t necessarily need to pedal all the time, you can just rely on the throttles, but you do run out of battery that way very quickly.

Despite being quite similar to motorcycles, this e-bike with a top speed of 20 mph still does not need a driver’s license to operate.

Type/Class 3

The last type of electric bike is yet another pedal-assist e-bike that’s easily the fastest ebike among the three types as it is equipped with high power engines that allow the e-bike to travel at a top speed of 28 mph; this bike also includes a speedometer installed and is an excellent choice for commuters.

Despite having more power, it is still considered a bike which means users won’t need a driver’s license to use the class 3 e-bike. However, you must be 17 years old or older and wear a helmet. You can even use a special helmet if you want to.

Different electric bike styles

Since now you know the different classes of e-bikes, you should also choose the best style of electric bike that fits your preference based on their features and uses.

Brand new electric mountain bike, or e bike, assembled .


Also known as the comfort-type e-bike, the Crusier features an everyday riding experience.

They’re made to be used on flat-terrain roads with minimal obstructions. Cruisers are also built with a good-quality suspension system that aims to minimize shock on the front and back end of the bike; this type is excellent for a casual biking experience.

The handlebars are placed higher than conventional bikes which allow you to have a straighter back and a more upright posture that will help improve your health and enable you to see obstructions and vehicles on the road more clearly.

Most Cruisers only have a single speed and have an already-installed rear rack.


Otherwise known as the hybrid, this faster-type electric bike is great for commuting and is made to get you places fast and efficiently. The commuter-type e-bike can go to a top speed of 28 mph, making it great for running errands or going to the workplace.

The commuter e-bike model is also made with thinner tires which allow you to weave through traffic easily. Some manufacturers even include adequate storage space for laptops, clothes, and even groceries.

Comfort and safety are also not a problem for the commuter because it is made with comfortably soft seats that are relatively thinner than the cruiser. It also has a built-in light system to see the roads clearly in low-light conditions.


This e-bike is made for the adventurous who want to go on off-road trails. This bike is designed to take you to remote places easily compared to traditional bikes, and with its motor and battery placed near the center of the bike, you will have more control over the e-bike.

Climbing hills and going on steep terrain is not a problem due to its wide wheels and very powerful motors, allowing you to go up to speeds of 20 mph.


The last style of e-bike on the market is called the road and is quite similar to the Cruiser as it is designed to go on paved surfaces. However, the Road-style e-bike is made for the speed freaks who want to travel at speeds similar to that of a motorcycle or scooter (see here to see if ebikes are better than scooters) at 28 mph.

Along with its aerodynamic design, it is also made with drop handlebars and narrower tires that will allow you to swerve on the road quickly.

What to look for in an electric bike

Before purchasing your first electric bike, you should first research and find out some essential factors to consider; here are some of them.

Determine the need for your e-bike

Before anything, you should always know the purpose of your e-bike should be.

Do you love going to off-trail roads for fun? Do you want to ride at high speeds? Or are you just looking for an e-bike to conveniently go from one place to another?

These are essential factors that will help you narrow down your choices.

Set a price range

After determining the need for your e-bike, you should set aside a price range that you plan to buy your e-bike in.

If it’s just your first time trying out an electric bike (see if ebikes are reliable here), then you can go for the low-end ones just to get a feel of how they operate, but just like any other product on the market, it’s always advised not to go for the cheapest price if you plan to use them for the long-run as they are prone to get easily damaged, or are not as reliable.

You can get a decent quality electric bike with superb performance for $1500-$4000, but if you want to go all-in and purchase a high-end one, you can expect to pay upwards of $6000 to even $8000.

Brand and warranties

Electric bikes sure can be pretty pricey, and you should always choose a brand that offers warranties if ever your bike gets damaged from everyday use.

Buy electric bikes from a reputable and trusted brand because you will be guaranteed high quality, but if ever your e-bike breaks down, you are more likely to find parts on their website or online stores like Amazon.

Manufacturers that offer warranties are also a great indication of an established brand in the e-bike market.

Battery life

A bike’s battery capacity is arguably one of the most important factors when purchasing an electric bike. Most bikes are typically made with a lithium-ion battery and are expected to last from 500-to 1500 complete charge cycles.

Batteries are a crucial element for electric bikes because you can’t use the speed boost if you don’t have them, and that is why you should always take care of them. Here are some tips to prolong your electric bike battery:

The first is to put your bike in a well-shaded area, as exposure to heat will decrease your battery life. A study shown by Battery University shows a direct correlation between high temperature and high capacity battery loss.

Another tip that is also applicable to smartphones is never to leave your battery at 5% or lower. Leaving at least 40% of battery life is advised by most because charging from 0-100% damages the chemicals inside the battery, which will allow for a lower number of charge cycles, and ultimately deteriorate the battery.


The range is crucial when dealing with e-bikes; you would want an electric bike that could take you somewhere and back to where you came from, so you should choose a bike with exceptional range.

Tons of factors can directly affect the range of an electric bike, such as traffic, the type of terrain, the rider’s weight, the tire pressure, and many more.

Professionals suggest a battery of 400 watt-hours or more.


You wouldn’t wear a suit that won’t fit you comfortably, right? The same can be applied to electric bikes. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting on your e-bike, you will most likely never ride it. So be sure that your e-bike offers a comfortable ride.

One crucial factor that affects a rider’s comfort is choosing between a Step-Through vs. Step-Over bike. A step-through bike is much easier to get on or off from, and they are also highly comfortable for commuters wearing suits or dresses.

However, a step-over bike is made with a frame designed to take you on steep hills or off-road trails. Step-over bikes are made with lightweight materials that allow you to travel at top speeds of 28 mph.

Another factor is the design of the seat. The mountain bike style of electric bikes can lean more to the front, while the conventional-style bike has a more upright seat that allows your back to extend correctly, allowing you to see oncoming traffic.

Braking Systems

When it comes to electric bikes, one of the most important safety features is the braking system. You want to make sure that your bike has a good quality braking system that can stop the bike quickly and safely. Disc breaks are most common on electric bikes under $1500 and generally come in two types: mechanical and hydraulic.

Bike brake grip. Soft photo

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are the best type of brakes for an electric bike. They are more expensive than mechanical disc brakes, but they offer better stopping power and are easier to maintain. If you can afford it, we recommend getting a bike with hydraulic disc brakes.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes are the most common type of brakes on electric bikes under 1500. They offer good stopping power and are easy to maintain, but they are not as powerful as hydraulic disc brakes because they rely on cable tension to stop the bike.

No matter what type of disc brakes you choose, make sure that your bike has at least two brake levers (one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel) so that you can stop the bike safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my e-bike through the rain?

Yes, most bikes on the market are water-protected, ensuring that the electrical components on the bike won't get damaged even in rainy weather. However, it is advised to stay away from water as much as possible as severe exposure to water, and high water pressure could get inside the components and damage your e-bike.

What is the range for most e-bikes after a single charge?

This heavily depends on the e-bike that you are purchasing, if you have an e-bike that has a bigger battery, you can go farther, but generally, most e-bikes can travel up to 20-60 miles on a single charge. Other factors that you have to consider are the type of terrain you are riding on, the wind speed, the steepness, the cargo weight, and many more.

How long do electric bikes last?

Most e-bikes can last up to 10 years if taken care of properly. E-bikes last shorter as they are relatively easier to get damaged because of all the additional components compared to conventional bikes.

Are e-bikes worth it?

E-bikes are a great purchase. They are safer than ordinary bikes, but they are also faster and more convenient. They are also far more economical than motorcycles as you don't need to purchase ridiculously high gas prices every time you go out. You also don't need all the hassle of getting a driver's license to ride an electric bike, as the law does not require it.

Will an e-bike help me get in shape?

Yes, an e-bike operates just like how a traditional bike works. They can still give you great exercise if you also pedal along when riding. Most e-bike users only use the boost on steep hills to prevent exerting too much effort.

Should I purchase an electric bike?

Electric bikes are an excellent investment if you have enough funds stashed away. They are far more environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation, and they provide a perfect way for commuters to stay away from heavy traffic, especially in the mornings.


Best Electric Bike Under $1500 for Commuters
High Quality Electric Bike Under $1500
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E-bikes are indeed an engineering marvel. They are very economical, safe, efficient, and great for commuting. Be on the lookout for all the factors you have to consider when purchasing an e-bike either for personal use or when starting an ebike company.

If you are looking to get to work without all the hassle or just looking for ways to travel around quickly, e-bikes are the way to go.

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